Spartacus Ring Guide

Selecting a cock ring can seem a bit overwhelming. All cock rings have their own style, feel, and function. But don’t worry, our guide will help you get a grip on cock wings and find the right fit for you.

Three Things to Remember:

1. Before selecting a ring we recommend that you familiarize yourself with yourself. Comfort can only be found if the ring is of the right size, and is worn properly.

2. Personal lubricant always helps.

3. We advise not to wear rings for more than 30 minutes at a time.


Spartacus Leather Rings

Guys love our leather ring’s adjustable snaps that allow for the perfect fit and allow for a quick release after the play. These rings come in assortment of color and styles, including a vibe option for additional fun.


Metal is our most basic ring option. These rings provide no flexibility. The rings come in four sizes, 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75”, and 2” diameter. These rings can be worn over just the base of the shaft, or around the shaft and the scrotum.


For those who enjoy wearing multiple rings or like extra support, our dual rings come with a strap or a ring that goes around the scrotum, and another ring that goes around the shaft. Our dual rings come in metal, nitrile, or a combination of leather and rubber.


Rubber and Nitrile rings are pliable and strong, and yet they provide minimal stretch. They come in three sizes (1.25”, 1.5”, and 2”) and variety of colors. Worn around the base of the shaft, or around the shaft and scrotum, these rings are very popular as a replacement rings in harness play. Our Nitrile line is our latex-free option.


Our 6- and 10-snap rings are the most adjustable and come equipped with snaps along the entire leather strap, which allows you to find your exact fit. This style is a great way to determine your comfort level.


Elastomer Rings are a great choice for beginners. These rings are super stretchy, and will expand and contract with the body, keeping a snug fit. Our rings range in colors and styles from basic to heavy-duty, and some include nubs and studs for extra stimulation.

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